Top 5 reasons to quit your job

Do it before its too late..

Here are some "right" reasons to quit your job.

Horizontal Career Growth

An easy way to identify horizontal growth is if you have been doing the same time for a long time and not learning anything new or solving new problems. It's probably a good reason to see if it makes sense for you to continue in your current role/job.

Not enough challenge

The only person who knows what "you" are capable of is yourself. Maybe you are learning new stuff and also solving problems but you may feel it's not challenging enough.

Toxic Environment

There are too many reasons which make a workplace "toxic". Unfortunately, a lot of people (even seniors) do not recognize this and kind of "play" along. And if you learn the wrong things in such an environment, you probably would end up preaching the same to others who look at you.

Misaligned Values

As individuals, we all have some core beliefs and values which cannot be compromised. Your current workplace may be challenging these values from time to time.

Financial Reasons

We all aspire to be better financially. So, if there is a better challenge awaiting that also makes you financially stronger, It is probably a good idea to go for it.

End notes

There are more reasons and I've only a few of them. There is a saying "People quit managers, not jobs". If you are a people manager/leader, take note !

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