SuperGrads: Unleash the potential of JavaScript and React

Unlock the Power of JavaScript and React with Free Learning

About SuperGrads

Back in Jan 2022, I started a movement called SuperGrads where I offer my knowledge of Javascript and React for Free. The goal is to help aspiring developers get into Frontend & become better frontend engineers easily.

Recognized by CodeSandbox, we have positively impacted the lives of 300+ students & working professionals from 20+ countries ✨

In 8 weekends, we help you get going with ReactJS, The most commonly used leading frontend library from Meta. We call these 8 weekends a cohort and already 4 such cohorts are completed.

Why SuperGrads

Here are some reasons why I do this:

  1. Solve the unemployment problem

  2. Solve the unskilled/unemployable folks' problem.

  3. The gap between academia and the corporate world.

  4. Help those students/experienced professionals who are keen and interested to learn.

  5. Teaching/Mentoring is also my passion.

  6. I also strongly believe that skills are more important than scores.


  1. Live, Fun and interactive mentoring on Zoom.

  2. sessions on weekends. Saturday and Sunday on Zoom.

  3. From 10 AM to 1 PM - 3 hours each day.

The Community

Each cohort will have like-minded professionals who will learn and grow together. Here is a preview of SuperGrads

  1. Live coding & Mentoring.

  2. Questions are answered right away.

  3. Strong community on Slack.

  4. Do assignments with peers.

  5. Blogs & supporting documents to continue learning.


After completing the program, students will have a profile link to showcase their React skills. This profile URL can be shared with companies as an alternative to traditional resumes, allowing students to demonstrate their abilities directly to potential employers. Skills > Scores you see.

Know more about SuperGrads

Visit our website to know more about what we do, how we do and the registration process.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter if you have any questions.

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