Pandemic and my little help to country

In a bid to help people who are impacted due to Covid 19 Pandemic, I'm planning this small initiative to help to my country.

You (or someone you know) may be looking for your first job or planning to change your job at the moment. The first step towards this is to make sure you have a right resume. Having a good resume is directly proportional to getting shortlisted for a job.

With my experience of interviewing hundreds of candidates, a quick look at any resume will provide me decent insights about the candidate, whom to shortlist and whom not to. I can use this experience to help you and my country during the pandemic.

In case you seriously need professional help to make your resume better, read on.

Here is how this works:

  1. Fill this form so that I can send you the meeting invite. If this form is closed, it means my slots are booked until the end of May. Tough Luck!

  2. In case the form is open, Donate Only 1 INR (Indian Rupee) to PM Cares fund.

  3. You will get a Meeting invite from me at least day before. Meeting Duration: 15 mins.

During the meeting

  1. I'll review your resume and provide you feedback/tips.

  2. After the meeting is over, I'll send you a PDF personally authored by myself. This way, after the meeting, you can sit down and work on improving resume better.

What you get:

  1. A 15 mins interaction with me where I review your CV and provide your feedback.

  2. An E-Book personally authored by me providing you insights and necessary details to make your resume better. This way, after the meeting, you can sit down & work on improving resume better.


  1. All meetings will happen until the end of May 2021, weekdays between 7 to 8 PM IST only.

  2. I want to be flexible at the same time value everyone's time. If you cannot join the scheduled meeting the first time, you will get a second and last chance. Put in effort & join the first time itself.

  3. I'm not responsible for payments you make to PM cares fund in way nor am providing job assurance. I know this is self-understood but I just wanted to call it out.

Now that the disclaimers are taken care, Let's do this shall we? Looking forward to talk to you!

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