I feel like Rohit Sharma of Nov 19th, 2023

A tale of feeling "dumb" due to an oversight from intense concentration on other things & missing out an .

Note to self!

When we do everything else perfectly but mess up the one big thing, everything falls all over the place. The hit on reputation due to one bad day is disheartening!

After a long time, I had to take one for the team. The first time this happened was back in 2014, it was my first onshore stint (CA) & it was mis-communication as well.

History repeats after a decade in 2024 & I messed up something. [Also, IDK What is it with the years ending with 4 ]

I was unable to raise a red flag on time, even though we knew there was an issue & we had been working on it but we were unable to close it on time. If we had closed it on time, I would not be writing this blog.

The burden of perfection is real!

  1. I hope to be able to realize and embrace that I cannot be perfect all the time and even I can do blunders. Is it a new realization? Hell No. Did I need a reminder ? Probably Yes. However far I have come in my professional life, I'm still capable of doing silly mistakes that could cost dearly.

  2. Communication is everything, esp. highlighting the red flags.

  3. Work not done one time, is a recipe for disaster.

  4. Managing "Multiple" things is super challenging.

  5. Taking one for the team as a leader is not a bid deal but learning from that is very important.

After a long time, I feel vulnerable today & probably is a good "test" for the leader in me. Its all about getting better!

I feel for you Rohit Sharma for loosing the world cup in 2023 against the Aussies.

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